The peculiar climatic and geographic conditions of this area on Lake Garda make it a favourite destination to the sports fans.

They can choose among a variety of sports activities that will meet all their requirements, while they are plunged in an incomparably beautiful natural setting.

Mountain Bike and Trekking


The close path net developing on the slopes of the mountains around Limone is basically beaten by all those who are keen of sports like mountain-bike and trekking.

They will be able to scour the close path net set in an uncontaminated natural landscape in quest of wonderful views and pleasant spots.

All those concerned with sport will be given a detailed guide of the paths over the territory around Limone as a free gift at our Coste Hotel.



To the fans of walks on foot or on horseback the territory of Limone offers a lot of opportunities, and precisely they can venture on discovery of places historically and culturally interesting if they want to go on an outing following the several path surrounded by nature.
Particularly interesting are the Lemon Grove “del Castell” and the Oil Mill of the olive oil producers’ cooperative.

The Lemon Grove “del Castell”, after having undergone some renovation works that have brought it back to its original splendour, was opened to the public who are able to apprehend then the ancient art of the citrus cultivation.

The Oil Mill produces an excellent, extra-virgin olive oil from Lake Garda with DOP mark – denomination of controlled origin –, which can be bought directly at the company store.

Sail, Windsurf and kitesurf


In Limone there are not only delightful shores and quiet inlets, where to relax with refreshing baths into crystal clear waters or with sunbathing, but also winds with odd names – the Pelér and the Ora – that blow along the shores and make this territory a paradise to the fans of sailing.

In fact the special climatic conditions and the winds make Lake Garda a favourite spot for important sailing regattas, like the Gorla and the Centomiglia. Breasting the foaming waves of the lake you will be able to cope with your windsurf and kitesurf, or to relish the pleasure of navigation with your sailing boat.