Art and culture

The territory of Lake Garda offers a great variety of cultural proposals to its visitors like period residences, art collections and valuable objects, parks and botanic gardens to satisfy any kind of interest. You have an embarrassingly wide choice!

Vittoriale degli italiani


In Gardone Riviera the poet-writer Gabriele D’Annunzio had the Vittoriale degli Italiani (Emblem of Italian Victory) built in the period 1921-1938. It is about a monumental citadel, that the artist had planed so as to assert his love to his country and his cult of aesthetic.
The unit consists of several buildings like the Amphitheater, the Ship “Puglia”, the Mausoleum. Particularly interesting is the Pioria (Priory), the poet’s personal residence, in which furniture and household furnishings of great value are kept.
All around there is a wide park-garden of incomparable beauty full of sculptures, fountains and play of water.

The museum Santa Giulia


The remarkably structured museum called Santa Giulia is situated just in the centre of Brescia, a historical town of Lombardy, and inside a building, which had been used in the past as a Benedictine convent in origin founded by the Lombard king Desiderius in 753 A.D.
After some restoration works on the museum, almost ten years long, it was re-opened in 1998. To visitors are proposed two different paths – one of them develops the history of the museum, the other one sticks to generalities and is subdivided into several historical areas.
Moreover, a lot of temporary exhibitions for peculiar artists and periods are arranged in there.

Museum Divino Infante


The Museum Il Divino Infante (Infant Jesus) was raised in November 2005 in Gardone Riviera according to the will of Mrs. Hiky Mayr, a German collector.
A valuable collection of over two hundred sculptures representing the Infant Jesus and Mary Child, whose features cover a period of time of over 4 centuries.

This collection of inestimable value is due to Mrs. Mayr’s work and passion for statuettes representing sacred subjects. In the last thirty-five years the collector has entirely dedicated herself to the search and restoration of those statuettes.
The Neapolitan Christmas Crib, an imposing example of the Neapolitan crib theatricality of XVIII century, arouses great interest as it takes up a surface of well twenty-five square metres.


The Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea (Museum of Moder Contemporary Art) of Trento and Rovereto was opened in the by now far-off 1987 and had its seat in the Palazzo delle Albere (Palace with Poplar Trees) in Trento.

In 1991 some extension work began and in 2002 the new seat of Rovereto was realised and opened. With its permanent exhibition, whose preparation is changed every six months, the MART is an important centre for spreading of modern and contemporary art, in particular of the twentieth-century avant-gardes.

This museum boasts a collection of over 15.000 works – paintings, drawings, engravings and sculptures of some artists who gave a strong contribution to the history of art of the twentieth century – Fortunato Depero, Giorgio de Chirico, Carlo Carrà just to mention some.

Numerous temporary exhibitions are prepared inside the futurist spaces of the MART each year.