According to the myth, the charming village set on the western shores of Lake Garda is named after Limone, son of the god Benaco and the nymph Fillide.
During a hunting party, Limone was deadly attacked by a wild pig, but his father restored him back to life and the youth, to his father’s will, settled down in an inlet in front of Mount Baldo.

There he devoted himself to the growing of those fruit trees that were named after him. The old village Limone based its economy on fishing and the growing of olive and lemon trees. It was practically isolated and could only be reached by lake or through the mountains.
Afterwards, thanks to the construction of the road “western Gardesana” in 1932, the isolation of the village came to an end and it could open its economy to tourism at last.

1979 was discovered a beneficial protein in the blood of some residents, the Apoliprotein A-1 Milano, which is able to preserve heart and arteries.
That discovery has considerably influenced an increase in tourism to Limone. Today Limone is one of the most important tourist resorts on Lake Garda.